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NameActivity type
Byron BerkusStand Up Paddle Board
Peter Whyte105k cycling
Rumi IshizukaRunning and walking
Carol HaneyI'm doing a 5K every day for 5 days
Taylor Evans5 hikes
Scott Larsenwalking
Marcin Skruch5 hour intense ride w/ 2500m elevation gain
John RocheWalking
Ross Cairns5K Soccer Dribble/Juggle
Jacky Tu50 Pulls Ups, 50 Dips, 5000 jump rope skips
Kendra BernsteinRunning 5 miles to my RWE volunteer station
Anchit DuggalDoing 15k every day in May
Ken AmesHiked the Grand Canyon from North Rim to South Rim. 23.9 miles
Martin Meyer-GossnerRowing
Martin Meyer-Gossner560 Meter Rowing
Greg HorneMountain Biking
Aimee Lucas5 mile walk
Vinh LaSwimming 25laps in a 50m pool
Jennifer O'Neill5 exercises for 5 minutes each over 5 days
Lucía López OtalHiking - 22.6k between May 22-24 (tracked on the iOS Health app)
Tom McGoldrickCanoeing 11 miles through 5 bays
Nicolas Chretien5x5K Run + 5x5K Hike
Zack Sneider500 pound deadlift
Cody Hill5 Miles of Mountain Biking
Brady EdwardsRunning - 5.55 miles
Martin Meyer-Gossner5.4 kilometer rowing
stephanie Bartonpeleton Big Sur Ride
Spencer BamgartnerRunning
Bart BaxterStarted out running a 5k, didn't want to stop - went 13.4 mi.
Anil MaraliClimbing stairs (1000 steps - 55 Floors)
Thibault HottelartCycle and Run
Thibault HottelartCycle and Run (25km + 5km)
Linda O'ConnellWalking
Jack ArchibaldMount Snowdon!
Nick RhodesMountain Biking
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